Monday, September 17, 2007

The Wedding

My Family

Mom & Dad

This weekend my brother got married. The wedding was beautiful and the weather was great. Here our a few pictures from the wedding. The girls did an amazing job in the wedding. Not much is happening with the adoption. Our wait time may be extended to 18-24 months. All we can do is pray and keep faith that all things will happen in God’s timing. It’s hard at times but Eddie keeps reminding me to keep my faith strong. Without faith we have nothing. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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Kathryn said...

Jessica - Surprisingly, I got the e-mail yesterday. Lately, I had been getting it at the beginning of the following week, so it was nice to be among the 1st to get it.

Renee said...

Jessica - I know how hard the wait can be, but you have to keep the faith. Just keep in mind, that once you get that phone call, all of your dreams will come true, believe me I know!
Kyle and I are blessed to have had Daniel chosen for us, he has brought so much more love into our home. It will be the same for your family as well. You will see.
Even though the wait is getting longer, it will so be worth the wait!!

Love ya