Monday, September 22, 2008

Prayers are needed ---

Kelly from has asked that we all say a prayer tonigh at 8pm for Gina and Keith We are hoping that they will get the call soon with approved travel dates. You can click over on Kelly's blog and get more details. Let's all have a prayer for them tonight.

Daily Devotional from Jesus Calling

Try to see things more and more from My perspective. Let the Light of My Presense so fully fill your mind that you view the world through Me. When little things dont go as you had hoped, look to Me for Light heartedly and say, "Oh Well." This simple discipline can protect you from being burdened with an accumulation of petty cares and frustrations. If you practice this diligently, you will make a life changing discovery; you will realize the most of the things that worry you are not important. If you shrug them off immedialty and return your focus to Me, you will walk through your days with lighter steps and joyful heart. When serious problems come your way, you will have more reserves for dealing with them.
My friend Patricia sent this to me over the weekend. We've started calling issues in life "whatever bumps!!!" So I thought i would pass this devotion on to you.
Hope you have a great week!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We’re going to have a NEWPHEW!!!

Yesterday Chad (my brother) and his wife Jessica found out that the little on is a boy!!! We went over to their house last night for a little celebration. We got to watch the DVD and he is so active. He likes to suck on two of his fingers and that’s too cute. The doctor said the baby weighs 14 oz right now. Jessica’s doing well with the pregnancy and everything is looking good. In January we will welcome Dallas Isaiah into this world.

I started my 2nd round of clomid yesterday. So please continue to pray for us. I’m trying so hard to stay positive and trust God. My biggest problem is patience. I’m not a patient person and I wish that I was. I told Ed last night that if God was waiting on me to be patient that It was going to take forever. I have to continue to work on being patient and to put all my trust in Him.

Hope everyone is having a good week—I just wanted to share my good news of the week.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Little Miss Hannah!!!

I was thinking about this on my way to work and I thought I would share. It’s was so sweet and cute, it brought tears and a smile to my face. One day last week when I picked Hannah up from school. She asked “When are we going to get my baby brother?” She sometimes just brings it up out of the blue. I said “Well maybe Daddy & Jecka might have a baby first before we get John Edward; we just have to pray and ask God.” She said “Okay, I’m going to pray right now-God please let Jecka have a baby in her stomach and God (big pause) please let it be a girl—Amen!!!”
It’s amazing how loving and sweet little kids can be.