Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Application Approved! - "Here we go!!!"

On January 23, 2007 we received a letter stating that our application has been approved. Now comes the hard part.....telling everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - about ourselves so we can work toward our Homestudy. Man, we can't believe that there is so much stuff that they need! Pictures of every room of our house, Police Records, Birth Records, Health Records and even at least a 5 page Autobiography. How in the world are we going to we limit it to ONLY 5 pages??????? And 7 reference letters???? Luckily we know 5 people that will write something nice. Maybe we can get the other 2 to lie - haha! In all seriousness, we have alot of work to do to pull this stuff together. CHI has been great through the whole process and have really held our hands the whole way. We have been keeping in our minds that if we feel like we are getting overwhelmed, that God has granted us the opportunity to adopt a precious little baby boy! We are so blessed.