Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Child of my Heart

Child of the world,
Into my heart you came-
Bringing sun into my life,
Making family our name
Eddie saw this today and decided to get it for me. He said that it reminded him of me and our future son. I think I have a very sweet husband.

Monday, August 27, 2007

We have our furniture..........

and we spent the day getting John's room ready. We had a lot of fun. Now all we need to do is be patient and wait for our little man.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Cute little stuffed animals!!!

Eddie and I are going today to pick up John’s furniture. I’m so excited!!! We got this cute little shelf at Wal-Mart to put some of his stuffed animals on. We are going to stain it to match his crib. I really haven’ t bought a lot of stuff yet for John. I really want to but we try and refrain from doing so. Don’t know how much longer I can hold on this one. I did see those cute little pants one day and could not resist buying them. My brother graduated this spring from The Citadel. I figured I should go ahead and buy the shirt while I was there. Eddie was a little upset that his first t-shirt was from my brother’s college and not his. Nah, he wasn’t upset but I do plan on buying John a little outfit from The West Virginia University. I catch myself saying, “Cute” and “how cute this would be for John”. How long can I say cute before I have to change to everything being handsome??? Oh, he will always be cute to me!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

What a busy week………..

and it’s been crazy. My brother is getting married September 15th. Hannah and my two nieces are in the wedding. Hannah and Gracie will be Flower Girls and Josie will be a Junior Bridesmaid. They are going to be so cute. Eddie and I took my mom Tuesday to find her a dress. She found a gorgeous dress at David’s Bridal. She looked beautiful. My brother’s fiancee is from Korea and her name is also Jessica. She was adopted at 6 months from an orphanage in Korea. The picture above is Chad and Jessica.

Last Saturday Eddie and I went to Baby’s r us and ordered John’s furniture. Everyone keeps asking me “Isn't a little soon” or “why would you do that now”. I tell them the same thing. It’s because we want too and we are excited to get his room ready!!!!!!!!!! We are has excited about this adoption as a pregnant woman about her pregnancy. To me, this is my pregnancy and I could not be more excited. We have had some comments made to us as to “why do you want to adopt or why don’t you have your own child”. I don’t go into all or our fertility appointments and why we did not choose IVF. After praying we decided that adoption is what we wanted and what God was leading us to. I don’t feel that adoption was our second choice, I feel that is was our first and we just did not see it yet. I believe and have faith that all things happen for a reason. I believe that my faith was tested during our fertility issues. I prayed and asked God to lead me in a direction and he led us to adoption. I believe that our family will be the lucky ones to have found John. He will be a true gift from God.

Sara said that she hoped to get more referrals in this month. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Holiday World!!!

We have been on the waiting list now for a little over 3 months. The time sometimes seems slow but when I think of the end result it makes me smile. It will be my little man and he will be worth the wait!!! With us being on the list 3 months, we still have estimated 9-12 months. We are number 125 on the list.

We have had a very busy summer so far. A couple of weeks ago we went to Holiday World in Indiana. Hannah and my nieces had a blast. They scare me because they are so brave for their age. Gracie and Hannah went down all the water slides except for two; they were just under the height requirement. Eddie and I were exhausted and they could have gone forever. The best part of the trip was hearing their giggle and seeing their smiles. They are sweet children.

Josie is 10, Hannah is 4 and Gracie is 5.