Friday, June 1, 2007

We are moving on up!!!

Almost every other week we get email updates from our social worker Sara. She sends everyone emails letting them know where they are on the waiting list and of any new referrals or waiting children. Today we find out they we are # 140 on the list. We can't believe that we moved up 13 spots in less than a month.

Our friends Renee and Kyle are leaving for Vietnam today. They are so excited and anxious to finally see their son in person. Hopefully they will keep updating their blog. We look at it everyday in excitement for them because we know we will be there soon. They have been really helpful with information regarding the process. We hope to be able to learn from them the do's and don't of the process and the Country. The blogs and journey's have been very helpful. I find myself looking at them daily, just waiting for the day that we will get to meet our son.

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shawnee gibson said...

I think the room is beautiful.. Glad to read your blog. shawnee gibson