Friday, February 15, 2008

We got an update--YEAH!!!

This week we received 3 referrals!!! Two infant girls (2 months & 6 months) and one infant boy (3 months). That is really-really good news!!! There are familes in Vietnam right now and there will be more to travel soon. I check the blogs daily for any updates--they both have such cutie pies. According to our calculations we should be at #89. Hopefully soon we will be asked to start our dossier. We are planning to move but we found out that we cannot move until we submit our paperwork for our dossier. Our house was already on the market before I found out that we needed to stay put. Who knew--Im just glad I checked before we up and moved. It was so good to get the news that we did have referrals this week. I am hoping that things get back on track and we start getting them every week.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Kathryn & Kevin said...

It's great to be in the double digits finally. I would think you'll be asked to start your dossier very soon! I'm hoping that we will with a month or so

Brandon & April said...

I 2nd that it was WONDERFUL to get the news of the referrals. I thought for sure it would be next week! OH and I've tagged you...visit my blog to see what's up!

Lennah's mom said...

It's great knowing that you will definately be getting your dossier started soon. Best of luck and let me know if you need any advice.