Thursday, August 16, 2007

What a busy week………..

and it’s been crazy. My brother is getting married September 15th. Hannah and my two nieces are in the wedding. Hannah and Gracie will be Flower Girls and Josie will be a Junior Bridesmaid. They are going to be so cute. Eddie and I took my mom Tuesday to find her a dress. She found a gorgeous dress at David’s Bridal. She looked beautiful. My brother’s fiancee is from Korea and her name is also Jessica. She was adopted at 6 months from an orphanage in Korea. The picture above is Chad and Jessica.

Last Saturday Eddie and I went to Baby’s r us and ordered John’s furniture. Everyone keeps asking me “Isn't a little soon” or “why would you do that now”. I tell them the same thing. It’s because we want too and we are excited to get his room ready!!!!!!!!!! We are has excited about this adoption as a pregnant woman about her pregnancy. To me, this is my pregnancy and I could not be more excited. We have had some comments made to us as to “why do you want to adopt or why don’t you have your own child”. I don’t go into all or our fertility appointments and why we did not choose IVF. After praying we decided that adoption is what we wanted and what God was leading us to. I don’t feel that adoption was our second choice, I feel that is was our first and we just did not see it yet. I believe and have faith that all things happen for a reason. I believe that my faith was tested during our fertility issues. I prayed and asked God to lead me in a direction and he led us to adoption. I believe that our family will be the lucky ones to have found John. He will be a true gift from God.

Sara said that she hoped to get more referrals in this month. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.


Heather Field said...

I have learned not to let the silly "why adoption" questions get to me. I know this is what God has planned for our family and really, that's the only person I owe an explanation to! We have 4 biological children and the youngest is 8 years old. People think we are crazy for adopting when we already have 4 children and even more crazy becasue we've already been through the terrible two and all the inconveniences of babies & toddlers. Well, to us it's not an inconvenience, it is pure joy and we are so blessed to have been given this privelage of bringing another child into our family!

Vietnam Baby Girl Smith said...

Oh yes, the questions. They will keep coming but I have just come to the conclusion that anything unfamiliar to someone can cause the good old foot in mouth syndrome...even if they do not realize it. I just do my best to keep calm and answer questions so that they can become more educated on the issue. I think it is fabulous that you have gotten the baby furniture. We plan to do the same in a couple of months and we feel the same way. Just because our pregnancy (on paper) is going to be twice as long, it is still our pregnancy and the little things like the nursery, are the little bit of control that we do have during the process! Isn't it wonderful when God reveals his path for your life and all of the doors are wide open that are supposed to be open and locked shut if they are not meant to be open?? Great post girl! God Bless!!

Shannon & Richard said...

I totally understand the questions you get. Urgh. Frustrating aren't they? We bought Sam's nursery furniture a few weeks back and I had a couple people ask why and 'isn't it kind of soon'. My answer was an emphatic "NO!". Why is it too early?? I am preparing for our son. I think (for me anyway) being a PAP can be more challenging than being a pregnant mommy to be(although I don't know from experience). We don't get the belly, the first ultra sound, the first time we feel them kick. All we really have is a process and retail therapy is just that for me; Therapy!! It reminds me that the baby will be here and shopping is how I need to prepare for him :) Anyway, the process is long and we all know that some days seem to drag on and it feels like it is going to be forever, but time truly does fly and before we know it we will be scrambling to make sure we have everything packed and ready for the trip to our sons. My goodness, we are already half way thru August! I know I have said "Where has the year gone" more than once. Fly time, fly, fly, fly =)

Carra & Casey said...

I have gotten some of the same questions, I usually don't have an anwser other than because we want to. These questions catch me so off guard, I am usually stunned think "what did you just ask me". I have decide that I am going to what is best for me and what makes me happy! :)

the mcculleys said...

We had our nursery set up the month we were put on CHI waiting list. I think it is great. This is our "pregnancy" and we should enjoy it. Have fun!!!