Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July and weekend. We had a busy-busy weekend. On Saturday we took Hannah to a Birthday Party at Build A Bear. It’s a pretty neat place to for a child to have a party. She had a really good time. Hannah chose to build Shrek. She named him Shrek Honey. She likes to call everyone Honey!

We did not receive any new referrals last week but there were 3 waiting children that will be placed in homes. I am so happy for the children and families. Hopefully the families will not have to wait too long for travel dates. Hopefully sometime this week we will get more referrals. I think I have a new addiction—I am addicted to checking everyone’s blog daily. I love when there is new information added and love to see updates when they are in Country. Thanks to everyone for updating.


Lennah's mom said...

We have the same addiction. It is great to know where everyone is in their journey. Keep us posted.

Shannon & Richard said...

I am with you and Cathy! I LOVE to read the blogs!! I was gone last week and felt so out of touch because I had no idea what was going on with everyone! Lets keep our fingers crossed for more referrals very, very, very soon!!

Adam and Michelle said...

I also have an addiction I truely love reading everyone's blogs! I pray for more referrals to come very soon. I look forward to keeping up with your journey. Thank You for all of your updates.