Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Homestudy is Back!

Today we picked up our completed Homestudy from CHI. Looks like they have decided that we may be alright after all - haha. We had to take our Homestudy, along with our Invitation to be fingerprinted, to the Citizen and Immigration Services Office in Nashville. They are checking to see if we are convicted felons! As, we sat in the Office to get fingerprinted, we talked to two other couples who were there to do the same thing. It is really amazing the number of people that we have talked to that either are adopting or know someone adopting. Seems like there are a bunch of us out there. After we finished with our Fingerprinting, we had to go get our Passports done. Walgreens messed up one of the pictures, so we had to have them retaken. That wasn't fun, but we had to do it. We sent off our Fingerprints and Passports at the same time. Supposedly, we will have them back in about 10 weeks (Assuming we are not felons - haha.) We will keep you posted and let you know. Keep our family in your prayers.

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